Not Good News

The PET scan showed several ribs with "activity" and several "new areas" and oddly no sign of the primary tumor. Several nodes with "metabolic activity" and lost of pleural activity now.
Not good.
Although I hate PET scans because they practically show a freckle I have a tendency to believe this one as Dad's condition has suddenly escalated and he is extremely frail, in pain and unable to eat much. We may be looking at hospitalization soon. We will talk with the oncologist on Monday.
I actually talked to the oncologist on Friday, and saw the report of the scan late Friday but I wanted to wait until MOnday to talk with Mom about it. Spare the weekend for her. Well...she found the report anyway.
I hope we can keep the pain at bay.
Dad looks so thin...can't weigh 130 now. The weight is just dropping off.
Cancer loves calories.



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