Kearney Tomorrow...early.

Going to Kearney for Dads PET scan. The last Oncologist appointment she said we need to find out if Dad's cancer has spread to the bones or if the hyperparathyroidism is causing the hypercalcemia. If there is no mets to the bones than she would feel comfortable reccomending the surgery to remove the glands. If the cancer has spread, of course, than this is the reason for the hypercalcemia.
Dad looks bad. Really bad. No edema whatsoever. He is shrinking, eyes wide and not talkative at all. He barely moves off the couch. You can tell that the zymeta helps the calcium stay in the norm for about 5 days and then...you can see Dad "melting", for lack of better word. Just 2 weeks ago...Dad mowed the lawn! On his rider of course...but...still...he hadn't done that for about 2 seasons. Now...he can't even face taking a shower. He is on O2. He is barely eating. He probably weighs less than 140 at this point. The PET scan will take over an hour and then we have to go to the Oncologist for the Zymeta. He will be totally exhausted I'm sure. I hope we can get him there without problems.



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