Got Though The Scan

Dad got through the PET okay. He didn't use O2, but we packed it just in case. He then had zymeta. He is SOOOOO thin. Mom and I went to Walmart and picked up SMALL sweat pants for him. I bet he doesn't even weigh 130. We don't even weigh him at home anymore. We don't want to know. I imagine he will get weighed next Thursday. We will find out then what the PET shows. Dad's calcium level was 12.4...the highest it's ever been. NO wonder he has been so lethargic this last week. If the cancer is in the bone I dont' know what we will do. But if not...he has GOT to have that surgery. When we got home dad was hurting and he took pain meds and ate only a little bit. Later, I was surprised to hear that he drove over to our house (though he stayed in the car) and dropped off some curtains that mom had been working on for me. He couldn't even get off the couch for 5 days, has Zymeta and ta daaa he feels a bit better. I don't think it will last many days but he will have to take advantage of his normal calcium level while he can.



Blogger Sarah said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you. *hug*

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