Sick or...

I think dad has pneumonia or a virus. He seems weaker and his voice is a bit hoarse. He has no energy. He doesn't want to eat...an ongoing problem. He requested his nebulizor medication. He is taking Darvocet frequently...I don't know if he is having that much pain since his last thoracentesis or...I don't know. He had some Levaquin left and started on that...but...I think he needs to go to the Dr. Of course he threw a big ass fit when I told him I was making an appointment and taking him. NO NO NO he told me.
okay...I get it. Don't help you
when I know better
this has been a day from hell anyway and now I feel even more of a failure.
some nurse/daughter I am



Blogger Linder said...

Hi Sheryl,
I just noticed today that you'd commented on MY blog. I wanted to thank you. I also want to send you my thoughts and hope for some peace for you and your dad and what you're going through. Haven't read much, but I will come back and read more. Find myself wide awake, as STUPID people who work in coffeeshops don't seem to know the difference between DECAF or not! take care of you. -Linda

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