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We are going to Kearney tomorrow.
Oncology appointment.
Zymota again.
The CT scan last week, showed no new growth, fluid in both lungs. I don't know the cytology of the 2 1/2 litres of fluid they drained off yet. I forgot to ask them to send that lab report. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
Dad's weight is down to 163. His lower legs remain edematous and potentially a source of breakdown. He has a bit of an ache in his left calf tonight. Probably a phlebitis or a clot. He always seems to get the worst of the deal. He remains on 80mg of Lasix daily. The fluid doesn't seem to be dissapating much. In fact it seems worse to me. He isn't using his o2 much though. He is much less short of breath. He looks skinny though, muscle wasted...gaunt. Appetite remains somewhat poor. Guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.


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