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I don't think Dad has shingles at least. We did have to go to the Dr here in town on Thursday because Dad wasn't diuresing very much. We were hoping for an increase in the Lasix. I'd noticed that Dad had 2-3 plus pitting edema in his lower legs and bilateral lung sounds were quite diminished. The problem is that his BP is running low...100's over 50's routinely already and the increase in diuretics could decrease the BP more. Anyway, after 1 hour and 45 minutes wait we saw the PA and he did order an increase in the Lasix (and Potassium)for 5 days, added Aldactone daily and ordered some labwork for next week. I set up Dad's pills in a med cassette, put his TED hose on and that was that.
Saturday, while I was at the swim meet in Lexington, I called Mom and she said that Dad was having a really bad backache and not peeing at all and she was worried and had called the on call DR. (who changed nothing) and then I got worried. I thought to myself...maybe the Taxotere has damaged Dad's kidneys, maybe there is mets, maybe he has an infection, maybe his prostrate is blocking the ureters, maybe he needs straight cathed, maybe maybe maybe. By the time I got home, Dad was starting to diurese at a remarkable rate and continued to do so today. His BP is quite low and his back still aches a bit. Tomorrow, he has an eye DR appointment in McCook. Mom will take him. I hope he will not be too dizzy We may have to call the PA about the fluid, BP, etc. Dad's weight went down about 5 pounds.


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