Several Daze Worth

We saw the oncologist on Thursday and she arranged for us to go to Kearney the next day for a thorecentesis (lung tap). Dad was less than thrilled but hoped he would feel better after that.
Our appointment was for 1pm (or so we thought). We arrived at the hospital around 12:45 and the admitting clerk stated that Dad needed bloodwork and that had been scheduled for 12:30 not that we knew. Anyway, it was okay the clerk assured us and we wheeled Dad down a variety of mazelike halls and sat for awhile and waited for the lab. Dad was very short of breath and uncomfortable.
***reminder to self...when Dad gets lower back pain...I mean low low low pain...that means his lung is full of fluid...***
After the bloodwork we waited in radiology. It was around 1:05 so we weren't too late (or so we thought). We waited, we waited, we waited, I checked to see if we were in the right area, we waited we waited, I checked again and the lady says: Well, you aren't scheduled until 2:30. I was like...WHAT! No...the paper says 1Pm the admitting clerk said 1pm...the lady who called last night said 1pm. IT'S 1 FUCKING PM! I really didn't shout it...I just looked at her with glazed eyes and put my forefinger...yes, MY FOREFINGER up in the air that meant, 1 pm LADY! NOT I REPEAT NOT 2:30PM...DON'T YOU LIE TO ME!!!!!!!! MY DAD HASN'T HAD ANYTHING TO EAT OR DRINK SINCE MIDNIGHT AND YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND I DON'T MEAN MAYBE! DON'T LIE TO US....JUST TELL US...SORRY WE BUMPED YOU TO LATER BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE DR. ORDERED. JUST DON'T LIE!!!!!
Anyway, needless to say, Dad got in about 3pm and then after they drained off about 1 and 1/2 litres of fluid, which pained him terribly, they sent us to the ambulatory surgery wing were Dad was to be monitored for 2 hours or so. His BP remained low...80's over 50's....hypotension due to...?? cancer?? low fluid?? vagal response?? who knows
His O2 Sats came up fairly well with oxygen on and at rest. Normal really. He said that this tap hurt way worse than the last time. He also said that they wanted to drain the right side next week. Great. I told him that maybe with the fluid off his left side his heart would pump a little better and the fluid would dissapate better and also with the antibiotic things would clear up a bit better.
I don't know.
Finally we got on the way around 6pm. We stopped bv a shitty KFC and got a few ratty pieces of chicken for the drive home. I had brought some portable O2 and put that on Dad. He tolerated the trip well and it took us only 1 1/2 hours to get home.
He has an appointment with the oncologist next week.


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