A Myriad Of Annoying Side Effects...or ?

If there is a side effect from Taxotere listed Dad seems to get it. Dad's lower leg edema has decreased somewhat. He still has some rales and crackles in his right lower base posterior and is somewhat diminished anterior on the right side as well. Of course the air movement is fair to poor on the left (cancer side) and I believe I hear the pleural(effusion) fluid creaking with each breath.
Dad has his bloodwork taken and a chest x-ray done today. We saw the bloodwork and most everything looks GREAT! His INR/PT is a bit lower than the Dr. likes but that is just a coumadin fix. The hgb is 15.3, wbc is 6, the platelets normal, the BUN and Creatinine normal, the Alk Phos...normal, the Calcium...normal. Well, then...what next? Dad's was sitting with his head bobbing around like he couldn't even support it when I saw him this afternoon. I thought, "Hospital", instantly. He had an appointment with his PA tomorrow at 3 p.m. I called the clinic and talked with his PA, got the appointment moved up to 9 a.m. tomorrow, got his Lasix increased to 80 mg today and tomorrow, (along with his Kcl), and we shall see. Dad has a tightish cough, so I encouraged him to increase his fluids, do his breathing treatments and made him...along with me and Mom. a strawberry lemonade smoothie. Later on tonight, Dad seemed a bit stronger. I don't know if he is depressed or sick or both or what to do really. I think he needs that pleural effusion drained but I hate to think of that. Dad does too. He doesn't want to do that again.
We may have no option.
It almost seemed that Dad felt better while he was getting chemo. Of course the steroids probably helped!


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