Dad had chemo today. Just the pre med of Decadron and then the Taxotere. Since there weren't as many bags of meds...Dad called it the "Shortstack Chemo" He tolerated it just fine. No nausea this time. We ate at Perkins and he had the 55 Plus Traveler...his "regular" meal. Dad's hair is growing at a remarkable rate...not coming in curly, black or weird at all. Silver, just like before the chemo.
Mom and I left Dad at the clinic and went to Minnards to pick up a respirator mask with a filter and goggles so Dad could mow without breathing in the dirt and other things that fly in the air around his yard. I told him to just get a space suit...!
Dad's PT/INR was around 5.2...high as usual. The Dr. ordered Vitamin K 2.5mg every day AND Coumadin 2.5mg (the dose he has been taking) !!
How STUPID! Isn't that like taking Milk of Magnesia AND Immodium AD I asked??!! Why take 2 pills when you can just lower the dose and take 1?? Why not just lower the dose to 1.5mg like Mark and I have wanted him to be on from the get go!!!!! I argued with the nurse a bit...of COURSE the Dr. wasn't around. I just feel that this order is totally off and I don't agree with it!!!! Dad doesn't want to rock the boat but I HATE THIS ORDER!!!!!! It pissed me off. Can you tell?

I just got off the phone with Mom and she said Dad has terrible loose stools. I visited with Mark(he was at the pharmacy) and we hopefully we will get that taken care of with some metamucil or some type of bulk.
Rats...I was hoping he could tolerate this med without any trouble. I guess there are so many people who have worse symptoms we should thank our lucky stars.


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