Be Your Own Advocate

Dad had another chemo today. We just got back. He tolerated the chemo very well. His blood is "too thin" again. He will need vitamin K and have to hold his Coumadin for a couple days and then get his blood rechecked on Friday...here at our lab.
We met several other chemo patients today. None of which we've seen before.
There are a helluva lot of people with cancer in this world.
It just feels to me that you, as a patient, are on your own. You are at the mercy of the nurses and the Drs. They don't know you from Jo Schmo down the street. I tried giving gifts...(I read that hint somewhere)...making a scene...being nice...helping out...it just doesn't matter. You are On Your Own. If you don't stick up for yourself you can get fucked over.
Be brave ask questions...ask a lot...be seen get noticed be your own advocate.


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