So Far So Good

Dad had an appointment today with the oncologist and glory be...we got to see the Dr. herself!
Dad's blood was drawn (INR...2.3 not bad), his case discussed and the decision was made to continue with chemotherapy. The Dr. thought she wanted to go ahead with Taxol again but said, "My nurses may stone me". We all confered at the chemo room doorway and the decision was made to give Taxotere instead. Dad also needed his Zymeta and would probably be getting another Neulasta shot.
The chemo room was hopping. It looked like our coffee shop at home...every seat taken and more arriving every minute. People were in various stages of rest in their recliners. Many talking, some sleeping, knitting, reading...and us? We eat. I went to Sonic, got Dad a chocolate shake, coffee, bacon hamburger and fries, got Mom chicken strips, fries and black coffee, me? I forgot. I shared some of Moms.

Guess what? Dad tolerated the entire procedure so well I had to pinch myself. I can only hope it continues in this manner. I hope he doesn't get the bad aches and pains and other side effects listed.

Last time he got Zymeta he couldn't even move his arms for about a week he hurt so badly. Of course that could have been pain from the blood clots in his right lung, the side effects from his Neulasta, his chemo or god knows what else. It's hard to say.

Hope it goes better this time.

Cross your fingers.

He's supposed to get chemo again in 1 week, blood draw in 1 and 2 weeks and 2 days after that...another CT scan...and then another chemo.

The oncologist said the x-ray was dramatically improved.


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