Rad Day

I took Dad to radiation this morning. We yacked the whole way. Dad is deaf in his left ear and as I was driving (speaking toward his left ear) it made for some unusual conversations. At once point we just broke down laughing at the sheer idiocy of our statements.
He seemed his old self really...finally.
Most of his hair is gone...except the fringe around the back and sides of his head. He wears a ballcap and you can't really tell he's just sporting peach fuzz. It is NOT that way for Mark I can tell you...he's as smooth as a billiard ball.
In two days is Dad's 71st birthday AND his second round of chemo. I dread it really as he had such a horrific reaction last time. I think we are all a little concerned about how he will react. Seems he just now is back to where he is "himself" and here we go again.
I ordered a couple of chocolate cakes with chocolate icing, one to take to the cancer center and one for home.
Dad isn't coughing as much, his edema is less and he even has pink in his cheeks.
How long will that last?
I wonder...

some Dadisms(words that Dad made up)

SCOPALOTOME pronounced...scope a lot o me...meaning...generic term for any type of invasive procedure

KLEPTOMATIC...prounounced...kleptomatic...meaning...woman with one eye who takes all the cancer center's "goodies" from the goodie tray such as twinkies, granola, hard candies etc and places them into a large tote bag attached to her walker before she leaves the building

ADDADICKTOME...pronounced...add a dick to me...meaning...prodedure to...well...you get the picture!


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