Happy Chemo Birthday To You!

Chemo day dawned red, pink and too damn early. We took off around 7am. I happened to think we were leaving at 6:30 so...I got up around 5...my usual time...and waited and waited and then...fell back to sleep.
Dad had radiation at 8:30...we just go there and off he went. We saw his radiologist and that was a 30 second I don't know how much office call because we had no questions or problems. Then off we went for a blood draw and chemo at the oncologists office.
Again, Dad had a reaction to the Taxol. Mom and I stayed while he got his pre op meds and then...the dreaded Taxol. Almost instantly Dad looked bug eyed and his face was bright red. He coughed and sputtered. I asked him about three times..."Dad, are you feeling okay?" Each time he would say..."Yeahhhh so far". In reality he was about to pass out. He never did say he felt bad. The nurse turned off his med, gave him Solu Medrol and then had to wait about 1/2 hour to restart his chemo. Eventually Dad got back to his self but we hated it that he'd had another reaction. For his next chemo they will pre medicate him with Prednisone and Benedry. I asked if this type of reaction was very common and the nurse said simply, "No." and then I asked if there was a better or different chemo drug he should try and she replied that this was the best for Dad's type of cancer. So...after Mom and I were satisfied that Dad would live through his chemo we ran over to Walmart and she picked up some groceries and I got stuff for the coffee shop and then we got lunch for Dad and took it back to him. He ate some and soon he was done with his meds.
His bloodwork had checked out good, his weight stable and his vital signs stable except for when he reacted to the Taxol.
I'd brought a chocolate cake and he's eaten a piece of that and so had several of the nurses, patients and other staff. They even came over and sang Happy Birthday! That was nice.
After we got home, I took another chocolate cake to their house and we had a bit of a birthday party with family.
4 chemo left and 17 more radiation treatments...(we hope)

Interesting note...the cancer center sent some copies of reports to Mom and Dad...and the cancer was a grade 2 there...not a grade III as reported to us.

weird...and interesting and possibly very very good news.


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